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AARR Help Needed

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AARR Virtual Ranch is free for all users with no expectation that users are required to provide a donation or contribute in any way. In fact au-contraire, we hope you found the help you sought and were happy to facilitate that connection!


We are a not-for-profit that relies on the collective help and resources of others.  Nuf said eh!.


What donations mean @ The Ranch


Your donation gives us the flexibility to develop and deliver the tools to cope with anxiety at home and anywhere in the world.


Here is what it means for those coping with anxiety:

  • Your Resources + AARR Community = Unifying
  • Your Resources + AARR Lived Voice = Powerful
  • Your Resources + AARR Education = Knowledge-based decisions
  • Your Resources + AARR Action Plan = Targeted and validated
  • Your Resources + AARR Reach = Global impact
  • Your Resources + AARR Services = Greater global impact via precision investment 
  • Your Resources + AARR Advocacy = Greater global awareness and stigma reduction
  • Your Resources + AARR Research = Greater global understanding via lived experiences



During AARR initial research, although not yet quantified, it quickly became clear that a large percentage of available on-line supports and services for those coping with anxiety were available...for a fee.  Well, this identified an early project to understand the impact of financial disparity on anxiety, but lets park that idea for now, sorta.


We also recognize the recent increase in the investment in mental health so AARR is very aware of the competitive environment this presents when seeking our own funding.  AARR eyes are wide open!  In fact, again while conducting AARR initial online research, we tripped over an apparent elephant hiding under the mental health carpet.  Although it merits further investigation, it appears that the investment in mental health initiatives are more tactical than strategic, leading to inefficient impact of investment (eg. duplication of effort, varying degrees of impact per $ spent, inconsistent messaging, etc...).  


Why AARR is a Non-Profit Organization and not a charity?

We plan to operate as a viable business venture.  Any individual or organization that makes a donation will be thanked and recognized accordingly.  Please note that no tax receipts will be issued for donations.  All AARR revenues, either donated or generated, will be used to fund AARR member validated initiatives, including future physical ranches.  We @AARR willing follow the NPF Act of Canada.


If you made it this've got one foot're a brave soul and we thank you...reading further is clearly at your own risk :)


To reduce the anxiety (yours and AARRs) associated with any online financial transaction, we have partnered with a third party financial institution (Moneris) to handle AARR donations.  As such when you hit our donate button you will be electronically transported to their secure hosting site to complete your donation.



If you have decided to support us this is what is what should happen when you hit the Donate now below :)

  • You'll be transported to our online store hosted by Ecwid.
  • Select AARR Donation - Buy now
  • Fill in the desired donation amount (in $Cdn)
  • You will then be transferred to Moneris to securely input your payment method (Credit/Debit)




Thank you!