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For those wishing to donate, we have set-up a direct deposit Electronic Money Transfer (EMT) email: Funds will be directly deposited into AARR bank account. 
Up-to-date information on AARR Annual General Meeting can be found here.
AARR Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members is scheduled for 15 March, 2023 @ 0900 EST. View AARR AGM Invitation here.
Read AARR 2022 Year End Dispatch here.  
Head's-up.  AARR first annual AGM is planned for Wednesday, 15 March 2023.  Details to follow.
Huge shoutout to Lundbeck Canada for their kind donation to AARR operating fund.  Thank you!

AARR Internal Insights

AARR Values


@ The Ranch we value the following...


Ranch Offerings

Critical/Viable Mission 

Game-Changing Total Care Partner

Engaged Leadership Structure

International Membership

Global Communications

Arms-length Agreements

Educational Facilitation

Stigma Reduction

United Communities


Ranch Impact

Unbiased Voice (Living with Anxiety)
Global reach (Awareness)
International Engagement (Inclusion)
Relationship Building (Community Growth)
Resource Hub (Unlimited Access)
Comprehensive Program (Sustained Impact)
Integrated Approach (Efficient investment)
Corporate Social Responsibility (Acceptance)
Societal Benefits (Inter-Connectivity)


Ranch Desired Outcomes (RDO's):

Identify the true scope of anxiety

Deliver anxiety support globally, both Physically and Virtually

Enhance visibility of those currently providing support and services

Address the needs of those coping with anxiety


Connect those impacted by anxiety – Unbiased Voice

Ranches around the world providing validated anti-anxiety services

Integration into Total Care

Sustained delivery of critical services and support

Inter-connected network of communities

Saluting “Stand out/up” difference makers


Ranch Deliverables 

The Anti-Anxiety Resource Ranch strives to improve the lives of those coping with anxiety disorders and related stigmas throughout the world by:

  • Conducting primary scientifically validated global top-of-mind Member Research about the impact and needs when living with anxiety, which bring unique data to the attention of decision-makers;

  • Consolidating existing validated secondary research and relevant resources—Resource Hub;

  • Providing Practical Support—Initiating dialogue and advocating for access to new and existing programs and services to improve quality of life for those living with the burden of anxiety and related conditions;

  • Communicating & Connecting—Raising the awareness of the stigmas, and the challenges for, people living with mental health conditions to create better understanding; and

  • Facilitating broader support of members through education, global campaigning, sharing of best-practices and beneficial networking opportunities to strengthen support for people with anxiety in their lives, building a strong, inclusive movement.

  • Physical Ranches - Providing much need services around the globe.


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Vision / Mission