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 AARR Bulletin Board

For those wishing to donate, we have set-up a direct deposit Electronic Money Transfer (EMT) email: Funds will be directly deposited into AARR bank account. 
Up-to-date information on AARR Annual General Meeting can be found here.
AARR Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members is scheduled for 15 March, 2023 @ 0900 EST. View AARR AGM Invitation here.
Read AARR 2022 Year End Dispatch here.  
Head's-up.  AARR first annual AGM is planned for Wednesday, 15 March 2023.  Details to follow.
Huge shoutout to Lundbeck Canada for their kind donation to AARR operating fund.  Thank you!

#mctmpHome @ The Ranch

AARR School House

Welcome to our school house, where we all learn together!

This is a free, on-line, self-learning environment, designed to help us better understand Anxiety, PTSD, Suicide, and Mental Health in general.

With the help of our members, we are rounding-up the most comprehensive group of available online resources to help with our collective understanding.


AARR Chronicles

Periodically, we publish this newsletter to update members on progress and areas of interest.


AARR First-Aid Room

For those in need of triaging assistance, we have identified sites/site pages that we hope will be helpful.


AARR Medicine Cabinet

The Pharmaceutical participants in the battle against anxiety.


AARR Study Hall

For those seeking greater understanding, we have corralled those sites providing additional insight.  Not all sites are created equal so we provide a brief description of site content to help in your information search.